Mint Green & Spring

I absolutely loved the mint green color when I saw this sweater at Banana Republic. The pastel color reminds me of Spring.

IMG_9651-2                Sweater, Banana Republic (similar) Boots, Frye Jeans, Lucky

We had an enjoyable trip to Asheville. On our way home, we took a short ride onto the Blue Ridge Parkway. The Parkway closes portions due to snow and ice – although there was no snow or ice where we were, the higher elevations still have too much for safe travels. We were only allowed a short, seven mile ride and then returned to the interstate.






I am looking forward to Spring!! The temp was a little cooler when we were in Asheville so I had to wear winter-like clothes. In NC, we can have 40 degree days followed by 70 degree days, and then back to the 40s…we have to learn the skill of dressing in light layers. I found more mint sweaters that will be perfect for transitioning to Spring. The first lightweight sweater below would be great to wear over a simple t-shirt.

lightweight sweatersweaterpopcorn sweaterloft necklace

I bought the necklace after the holidays during a 60% off the reduced price sale at Loft. Above is a beautiful  statement necklace that is available at Loft that will look nice with a variety of the Spring fashions.

Heritage Dance Competition


Although we did not compete, we drove to Asheville to watch the Heritage Classic Dance Competition. The competition is almost a full week of dancing held at the Grove Park Inn.  If you ever have a chance to just stop in the Grove Park to look around, you should. The views from the decks are spectacular and the interior is gorgeous.

gpi 2gpi

We have not been to this competition in a couple years and I was hoping to make it this year. We had so much going on at home and work I was not sure we would take the time for the short road trip. My husband told me it was up to me. I have to admit that once I told him that Karina Smirnoff was performing he was much more interested! I also mentioned her partner, Slavik Kryklyvyy, but my husband didn’t care about that. Karina is absolutely beautiful so most men probably do not notice she is dancing with a partner when she is performing. I did not take many photos during the performances because I wanted to just watch and enjoy, and we were not seated in great spots for capturing good photos.

Ballroom dance competitions are fun and interesting to watch, especially for amateur dancers. I enjoy watching the pros compete in order to learn. Dancing is like any other hobby or sport – not only should we practice but we should also take pointers from those that make a living from the hobby.