Half smile (and other facial expressions) Part 2

Weeks 1-2 After receiving the Ramsay Hunt Syndrome (RHS) diagnosis at my Emergency Department visit, I felt relieved mentally but was extremely exhausted and in pain. I went home with the impression that the paralysis would improve in about three weeks. I was told to get as much rest as possible. For the next seven … Continue reading Half smile (and other facial expressions) Part 2

Half smile (and other facial expressions) Part I

What would most adults think if they woke one morning realizing they cannot move half their face? Three weeks ago this happened to me but the story begins nine days prior to that and this post gives detail so that others experiencing these symptoms will be aware of Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. On Friday, January 31, … Continue reading Half smile (and other facial expressions) Part I

Reconnecting with friends

My husband and I recently spent an evening with a dear friend. We only recently reconnected after years of separation. We first met while working part-time during high school. We connected in many ways and not just because of work. We did not realize at first how much we had in common and may not … Continue reading Reconnecting with friends

Cupcakes & Gala

After weeks of testing recipes, adjusting recipes, and tasting and sampling, the cupcakes were finally completed for the River Run International Film Festival. The Festival is a fantastic annual spring event held in Winston-Salem, NC. Each year the festival shows over 150 feature length and short films at a variety of venues over a week and … Continue reading Cupcakes & Gala

Heritage Dance Competition

Although we did not compete, we drove to Asheville to watch the Heritage Classic Dance Competition. The competition is almost a full week of dancing held at the Grove Park Inn.  If you ever have a chance to just stop in the Grove Park to look around, you should. The views from the decks are spectacular and … Continue reading Heritage Dance Competition