Whine when carded for wine? NOOOOO

After working out, I went straight to the Harris Teeter across the street to buy a few things. While I was there, it crossed my mind that I probably should have at least washed some of the mascara still hanging on from yesterday and then thought that hopefully I wouldn’t run into anyone that I know. I had to check out the wine section while I was there to see what was on sale. Of course I found a couple to try and added these to my cart. This mundane event of the day turned into a mini celebration for me when I was checking out and the cashier asked for my ID!! I surely did not put up a fight. I will gladly show anyone my ID that asks. As I have told my friends for many years, we need to appreciate these moments and celebrate. We never know if we will ever be asked again. So let it be noted that I was carded to purchase wine.

Is it vain to celebrate being carded at the grocery store when purchasing alcohol? I know it may seem so to some, but too bad!

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