Planning for France

I am so excited!! I am FINALLY going to France! I have wanted to travel to France since I was a teenager. My high school French teacher not only tried to teach us the language but also taught us about many of the most famous Paris sites and monuments. The Louvre was one of the topics and at that time I fell in love with the idea of touring the Louvre some day and seeing the Mona Lisa.

I have tried to convince my husband for years to go  with me but he always said that he was not interested. So, a friend and I are going in the Fall of this year for two weeks! We will spend the first week in Paris in an apartment we booked thru Airbnb. The apartment is a unique find – the Mona Lisa actually stayed in the apartment building for a little while. Really! Many are not aware that the Mona Lisa was stolen from the Louvre in 1911 and the thief hid it in his room about 2 miles from the Louvre before taking it to Italy. Our apartment is in the same building. I know this may not be a big deal for most travelers, but to me it is special detail to our trip.

We have not decided where we will go during our second week because there are so many options. We can visit other regions of France or go to other countries. I am sure I will have more to share about the trip as soon as more plans are finalized. I will gladly accept any suggestions. What are your recommendations?

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