Neiman Marcus Online Clearance Sale

I had a lazy day, looking through the Neiman Marcus Online Clearance Sale. Wow! There are some great deals! The sale is advertised as being up to 70% off regular prices. I love looking at dresses of all lengths, style, and fabrics. I am wanting to buy a new gown for parties and fundraisers and … Continue reading Neiman Marcus Online Clearance Sale

Look & Listen

Who has noticed the increase in newscasters and others using 'look' or 'listen' as the first word in responses? The use is not in a sentence such as "Look at the chicken crossing the street." Instead, these words are used as if to tell the other person to stop and listen or to look at … Continue reading Look & Listen

Sweater Weather

Who does not appreciate a warm, soft, and snuggly sweater? It never fails that I buy at least one conservative cardigan each winter when I see a great deal. You can never go wrong with such a staple. However, I also like to purchase more trendy sweaters as well. This season, I bought the Loft … Continue reading Sweater Weather

Smooth hair process

  I have often told friends that my hair becomes crazy hair when brushed. As a curly girl, I do not brush my hair often. I only brush my curly hair when I am at the salon. I brush it all out while my stylist is mixing color. I have to admit that is entertaining … Continue reading Smooth hair process

Dancing moves

Having spent approximately eight years at a chain ballroom studio, it has been enlightening to move to a private instructor. While we enjoyed going to the chain studio (at least for the first few years) and making friends, we knew we were ┬ánot getting our money's worth from the lessons. How could we? The instructors … Continue reading Dancing moves