Hair routine with a new product

On a recent trip to the local Ulta store for Ouidad Moisture Lock, I received a GWP of Ouidad product, VitalCurl. I tested it on Saturday by including it in the product line up. The description of the product reads ‘internal nourishment for lasting definition’ so it may take a day or so to see if the lasting effects are there.

I usually use Moisture Lock immediately after towel blocking my hair and follow this with a large portion of Ouidad Curl Quencher Styling Gel. I did not want to overload with other products since I wanted to see the results of VitalCurl so I used a small portion (one dollop) of the Quencher and then used a generous portion of VitalCurl. I like the texture of the product; it was not sticky or tacky. It even seemed to have a conditioning feel to it.So, this is my hair before drying… wet hair

And, this is my hair once completely dry.

I love the curl pattern!!

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