Smooth hair process


20160112_095930 before
Three day curly hair (before hair appointment)

I have often told friends that my hair becomes crazy hair when brushed. As a curly girl, I do not brush my hair often. I only brush my curly hair when I am at the salon. I brush it all out while my stylist is mixing color. I have to admit that is entertaining to watch. Really,  there is a lot of hair and the more I brush, the more it seems to grow!!

frizzy curly hair

Oh my!!

As you can see, it is quite fluffy. I always have a good laugh at myself.

I love going to my stylist. We catch up on what is happening in our lives. We can and do talk about anything, including my dysfunctional family. Unfortunately, the last two visits consisted of me spending the majority of the time talking about my family…I should probably apologize to her the next time. Anyway, my stylist is very patient as she is working her magic. One of the things I really like is that she will blow out and straighten my hair. I am amazed that some people can do one or the other (blow out or flat iron) and have smooth, straight hair. I need both steps to get the same results to last more than a few hours. I also cannot complete the steps myself to obtain a smooth mane.

20160112_182458 straight





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