Look & Listen

Who has noticed the increase in newscasters and others using ‘look’ or ‘listen’ as the first word in responses? The use is not in a sentence such as “Look at the chicken crossing the street.” Instead, these words are used as if to tell the other person to stop and listen or to look at the speaker such as, “Look, I heard about a chicken crossing the street.” What?? Does this make any sense? Does this annoy anybody else? This is not just happening during interviews with average Americans. The use also occurs with educated people that are accustomed to daily televised banter and to being interviewed. For instance, watch the Today show. We could get drunk before work if we played the drinking game and had a sip every time a sentence began with look or listen. Chuck Todd must say it at least three times during each session. It really depends on how many times he is asked a question because he inevitably begins his response with, “Look, xxxx.”

With the political season serving as a highlight of each news show, there are multiple folks responding in such form. I can’t take it!!!

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