Sweater Weather

Who does not appreciate a warm, soft, and snuggly sweater? It never fails that I buy at least one conservative cardigan each winter when I see a great deal. You can never go wrong with such a staple. However, I also like to purchase more trendy sweaters as well. This season, I bought the Loft Grandpa Coatigan in Oatmeal in addition to several others.

Loft Coatigan
Loft Grandpa Coatigan – Smoked Salmon

I have found myself wearing this more than I expected. I bought this online during a sale around the holidays. It took over two weeks to arrive. When it was finally delivered, I wasn’t sure if I would keep it. I had ordered a Medium and was a little surprised how loose it fit. After wearing it the first time, I found the larger fit made the sweater quite comfy. I love having the big pockets – makes it easier to carry and retrieve my phone. The oatmeal version is not listed on the website anymore, but the Smoked Salmon is still available. I may buy this color to use as a Winter into Spring sweater.


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