Smooth hair process


20160112_095930 before
Three day curly hair (before hair appointment)

I have often told friends that my hair becomes crazy hair when brushed. As a curly girl, I do not brush my hair often. I only brush my curly hair when I am at the salon. I brush it all out while my stylist is mixing color. I have to admit that is entertaining to watch. Really,  there is a lot of hair and the more I brush, the more it seems to grow!!

frizzy curly hair

Oh my!!

As you can see, it is quite fluffy. I always have a good laugh at myself.

I love going to my stylist. We catch up on what is happening in our lives. We can and do talk about anything, including my dysfunctional family. Unfortunately, the last two visits consisted of me spending the majority of the time talking about my family…I should probably apologize to her the next time. Anyway, my stylist is very patient as she is working her magic. One of the things I really like is that she will blow out and straighten my hair. I am amazed that some people can do one or the other (blow out or flat iron) and have smooth, straight hair. I need both steps to get the same results to last more than a few hours. I also cannot complete the steps myself to obtain a smooth mane.

20160112_182458 straight





Hair routine with a new product

On a recent trip to the local Ulta store for Ouidad Moisture Lock, I received a GWP of Ouidad product, VitalCurl. I tested it on Saturday by including it in the product line up. The description of the product reads ‘internal nourishment for lasting definition’ so it may take a day or so to see if the lasting effects are there.

I usually use Moisture Lock immediately after towel blocking my hair and follow this with a large portion of Ouidad Curl Quencher Styling Gel. I did not want to overload with other products since I wanted to see the results of VitalCurl so I used a small portion (one dollop) of the Quencher and then used a generous portion of VitalCurl. I like the texture of the product; it was not sticky or tacky. It even seemed to have a conditioning feel to it.So, this is my hair before drying… wet hair

And, this is my hair once completely dry.

I love the curl pattern!!

Dancing moves

Having spent approximately eight years at a chain ballroom studio, it has been enlightening to move to a private instructor.

While we enjoyed going to the chain studio (at least for the first few years) and making friends, we knew we were  not getting our money’s worth from the lessons. How could we? The instructors at this particular studio do not seek additional training. They receive coachings only through their students’ coachings. By attending the coachings with their students they gleaned information. The most recent instructors hired at this studio included a cashier at Walgreen’s with no dance experience, the girlfriend of the Walgreen’s cashier, and a troubled teenager that at one point in time attended a performing arts school. Unfortunately, the quality of instruction and practice party dances really suffered.

With our current coach we receive a FULL hour of instruction at each lesson. It is amazing how much we have learned, and, in some ways, relearned. Our coach expects us to dance as if we are preparing for a competition at all times. She has helped us eliminate bad habits. Many of these habits were never mentioned or pointed out at our old studio.

My husband never planned to compete again. In the time since we left the chain, we have competed twice!

Rhythm B & M
Cha Cha (American rhythm)

Whine when carded for wine? NOOOOO

After working out, I went straight to the Harris Teeter across the street to buy a few things. While I was there, it crossed my mind that I probably should have at least washed some of the mascara still hanging on from yesterday and then thought that hopefully I wouldn’t run into anyone that I know. I had to check out the wine section while I was there to see what was on sale. Of course I found a couple to try and added these to my cart. This mundane event of the day turned into a mini celebration for me when I was checking out and the cashier asked for my ID!! I surely did not put up a fight. I will gladly show anyone my ID that asks. As I have told my friends for many years, we need to appreciate these moments and celebrate. We never know if we will ever be asked again. So let it be noted that I was carded to purchase wine.

Is it vain to celebrate being carded at the grocery store when purchasing alcohol? I know it may seem so to some, but too bad!